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Drama queen

9 Jul

Howdy beauty folks! Surprise, surprise! It’s me again. I blog two times a week. It must be Christmas today! 😉 Listen, guys, I’m in a hurry but I’d like to show you my today’s dramatic EOTD. Just hire the latest Jaguar (that car is AWESOME) or a fat limo for me because I’m ready for a Gala evening of hotness and glamour! 😀 To be honest, I’m feeling like reading “The Rebel” by Albert Camus in my cuddly and warm bed. Existentialism rules! 🙂 On to the pics (excuse the miserable lighting)!

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It’s raining candy or Large Friday’s haul

4 Jul

Yeah, you’re right… I can’t live without some new toys at my playground.:-) Let’s have a look at my shopping list and the pics, guys! Enjoy your weekend wherever you are!

Best wishes, Mylanqolia

I bought:

  • elementgirls smokey eyes e/s 01 smokey eyes (well pigmented stuff just for 1 €!)
  • elementgirls irresistible candy e/s 02 irresistible candy (see above)
  • elementgirls innocent white e/s 06 innocent white (see above)
  • Fairwind Eyeliner 06 espresso brown-metallic [2] > I love the colour!
  • Catrice Haute Couleur LE e/s palette C01 Catwalk Colours [3] > amazing e/s!
  • Essence Summer of Love LE e/s 02 Woodstock [4] > The colour reminds me of the green one of the aquamarine wet n wild e/s palette
  • Essence Summer of Love LE smokey eyes e/s & liner 02 Woodstock [5] > I’m happy that I haven’t bought all of them. I’m not very pleased with the texture of the e/s powder (sticky) and liquid liner (too watery). Nice idea, anyways.
  • P2 Hawaiian Spirit LE paradise island e/s 020 pink orchid [6] > a great pigmentation
  • wet n wild Wild Shine Nail Color E71535 Deep Rouge > I haven’t tested it yet but I love the colour!
  • wet n wild Kajal & Eyeliner 11 Turquoise [1] > The colour is so lovely!!!



Gorgeous green

18 Mar

Heyho mates! The second lovely spring day is over. I’m happy to say that Jana has finished the vid. I’ve already seen her beautiful result. I can’t wait to present her vid on my blog. Hope you’re excited to see it. 🙂 Abrupt change of topic: Oh well, Dali wasn’t an easy to understand artist.  His surreal works of art are impressive but complicated to analyse. Perhaps it’s the same phenomenon with the P2 Artist cream e/s. I’ve tried another technique of applying it, namely less is more. Therefore, there were no problems with blending. It’s a great base, by the way. No creasing and no smudging. To be honest, it works well for oily skin. I think, I’m convinced now of buying the purple one tomorrow. 🙂 Have a nice evening! XOX

My tools: