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Artistic stuff: A passion for high heels

9 Feb

Howdy ladies! Don’t forget to join my giveaway (click the 1st pic in the sidebar or see the post below)! Today I wanted to show you my attempt of a carnival themed make up look. As I’m bored with the standard ones, as for example vampires (yawn) or witches (double yawn), so I’ve done something mad with products by Catrice, Essence, Zoeva, Infinity Woman, Fabiani, Fairwind, u.m.a. plus kik sequins. You don’t have to like it, as everyone has different tastes. ūüôā Anyways, let the carnival begin! ūüôā

Best wishes, Mylanqolia

Auf Deutsch: Hallo M√§dels! Vergesst nicht, bei meinem Giveaway mitzumachen! Klickt zu dem Zweck auf das erste Bild in der Sidebar oder schaut nach unten. Heute wollte ich Euch¬†den Versuch eines Make-ups zeigen, das unter dem Karnevalsmotto steht. Da mich die gew√∂hnlichen Vampir-und Hexenkost√ľmierungen¬†eher langweilen, habe ich mich f√ľr etwas Verr√ľcktes entschieden,¬†das mit Produkten von¬†Catrice, Essence, Zoeva, Infinity Woman, Fabiani, Fairwind, u.m.a. plus kik Pailletten entstehen konnte. Ihr m√ľsst es nicht m√∂gen, denn Geschm√§cker sind verschieden. Der Karneval kann jedenfalls beginnen! ūüôā


Please don’t pay attention to my bad skin./ Bitte beachtet nicht mein schlechtes Hautbild.


Project: Cutie

23 Sep

Dear beauty folks! At first I’d like to apologize that I’m gonna be¬†MIA the next days again. I’m feeling better now but I have to complete the outstanding¬†and neglected tasks of my daily life. Gosh! I don’t feel like doing it but I have to. C’est la vie, err, I mean, that’s life (in German: So ist das Leben!)… ūüėČ By the way, I think that I’m very creative when I’m lying (sick) in my bed. My head is full of ideas¬†which I can’t realise yet. Monsieur Chronos is my foe at the moment. ūüôā Anyways, I’d like to show you my future fun look project. “Cutie” is a comic-style look. I hope it’s going to work on my damn, darn, dung eye shape. *knock on wood* Unfortunately, I have to wait until I can realise this project… It’s always the same old story… *blah*¬†ūüė¶ See you soon! XOX

Project: Fireworks

27 Apr

Unfortunately, I have no time at the moment to realise my next project in the arty field. Therefore, I’ll show you the sketch and hope you like it. Just notice that I don’t use any model face chart (it’s my own dilettantish idea) and that I use ordinary coloured crayons to compose the funky make-up styles. Besides, I¬†only focus¬†on the eye area¬†in¬†reality/ practice¬†. If you’d like to see¬†some real face chart guidelines I recommend the following youtube vid.

Anyways, here’s my latest face chart:

 Thanks for watching!