Mylanqolia’s Review on Primark Make Up II [Eng/ Ger]

18 Feb

Ladies, I also hope that the following short review helps you to make the right choice concerning the huge range of Primark make up products. Is it surprising that the next item is an eyeshadow again? 😉

See ya soon!

XOX, Mylanqolia

**** Product to be tested ****


Beautiful Colour Cosmetics Blend & Stretch Shadow 9079


**** Available at Primarks in ****

à UK, Ireland (Penneys) and sometimes in Spain. I got these palettes through a swap as the two Primark stores in Germany don’t offer the line of beauty products. It’s a pity, to be honest.

**** Price ****

à £ 2.50 or 2.88 €

**** Content ***

à no declaration

**** Colour ****

à a greyish black

**** Packaging****

à good:

  • lovely pop art inspired packaging

à bad:

  • brush (useless) and mirror (too small)

**** Texture ****

à Pros:

  • hypo-allergenic, soft, slightly shimmery/ nearly matte, easy to blend

à Cons:

  • none

**** Pigmentation ****

à good, the colour can be built up to achieve an opaque result, economical (you don’t need much powder)

**** Product is comparable to ****

à P2 or Rimmel

**** How to make this eyeshadow work for you? ****

à And again I have to say that a primer (neutral or coloured) is a helpful means to make the most of the colour payoff and durability.

**** Would I buy it again? ****

à Yeah, definitely, but I’d go for another colour as black isn’t my first choise when it comes to eye make up. It’s just because a real black eye make up doesn’t flatter my eye shape plus glasses. Therefore, I don’t need much of it. If there’s an expert among you who knows how to apply black eyeshadow without looking like a druggie, please feel free to drop me a line. But all in all, I can’t complaint. I really like this cheap but good eyeshadow.

**** Would I recommend it? ****

à I’d recommend this particular eyeshadow to ladies who haven’t found the special black eyeshadow yet. Maybe this could be the right one for you. As for me, I’d love to try out the brighter and bolder colours, e.g. silver or blue. If there’s a nice green or purple, I’d say no. 🙂

**** Overall grade ****

à B – good

My today’s EOTD/ Mein heutiges AMU:

  • Catrice Stay On! e/s base [discont.]
  • Fabiani e/s pen 06 [discont.]
  • Primark Essentials 4 Colour e/s 31: white gold & caramel
  • Primark Essentials 4 Colour e/s 41: peach & purple
  • BCC Blend&Stretch e/s 9079
  • Primark Essentials Eye Crayon Shade: 26
  • Primark Essentials Eyeshadow Dust Shade: 31
  • Essence Longlasting Eye Pencil 08 Touch of Glam
  • Catrice Allroung Mascara wp



Auf Deutsch: Mädels, ich hoffe auch diesmal, dass der folgende Testbericht Euch eine helfende Hand bei der richtigen Wahl eines Produkts aus dem schier unüberschaubaren Kosmetikangebot von Primark sein wird. Es sollte jedoch nicht verwundern, dass es sich bei dem Testprodukt erneut um einen Lidschatten handelt… 😉 Man sieht sich!


**** Getestetes Produkt ****

Beautiful Colour Cosmetics Blend & Stretch Shadow 9079

**** Erhältlich bei Primark in ****

à UK, Irland (dort in Penneys) oder manchmal auch in Spanien. Ich habe meine Paletten durch einen Tausch erhalten, da die beiden Primark-Filialen in Deutschland nicht die Kosmetiklinie im Programm haben. Ehrlich gesagt, ist das sehr bedauerlich.

**** Preis ****

à £ 2.50 oder 2.88 €

**** Inhalt ****

à keine Angabe

**** Farbe ****

à ein gräuliches Schwarz

**** Verpackung****

à gut:

  • reizendes Pop Art-Design

à schlecht:

  • der nutzlose Pinsel und der zu klein geratene Spiegel

**** Textur ****

à Vorteile:

  • hypoallergisch (frei von Substanzen, die Allergien auslösen), weich, leicht schimmernd/ eher matt, leicht zu veblenden

à Cons:

  • keine

**** Pigmentierung ****

à gut, mittels Schichtung kann ein deckendes Ergebnis erzielt werden, sparsam, da man nicht viel Puder benötigt

**** Vergleichbare Produkte****

à P2 oder Rimmel

**** Wie kann man den Lidschatten für sich nutzbar machen? ****

à Und ein weiteres Mal weise ich darauf hin, dass eine neutrale oder farbige Grundierung zur Intensivierung der Farbabgabe und Haltbarkeit erforderlich ist.

**** Lohnt sich ein Nachkauf? ****

à Auf jeden Fall, doch würde ich mir einen anderen Farbton aussuchen, weil Schwarz nicht unbedingt zu meinen Favoriten in Sachen Augen-Make-up gehört. Bedingt durch meine Augenform und Brille trägt ein rein schwarzer Look nicht gerade positiv zum Gesamtbild bei. Folglich benötige ich nur geringe Mengen davon. Allerdings sei gesagt, dass ich jederzeit für Anregungen von Experten offen bin. Nur zu, teilt Euch mit, wenn Ihr wisst, wie man mit einem schwarzen Lidschatten nicht wie eine Drogenabhängige aussieht. Insgesamt gesehen, kann ich mich aber keineswegs beschweren. Ich mag den günstigen, aber guten Lidschatten.

**** Ist der Lidschatten empfehlenswert? ****

à Ich persönlich würde den Lidschatten Damen empfehlen, die noch nicht ihr perfektes Schwarz gefunden haben. Der getestete könnte womöglich der Glückstreffer sein. Was mich betrifft, so würde ich –welch Überraschung- eher zu bunteren Farben greifen, z.B. zu Silber und Blau. Auch einem schönen Grün oder Lila stände ich nicht abgeneigt gegenüber. 🙂

**** Gesamtnote ****

à Gut


5 Responses to “Mylanqolia’s Review on Primark Make Up II [Eng/ Ger]”

  1. gio February 18, 2010 at 9:09 pm #

    The packaging is too cute and the shade looks nice too! I have problems wearing black eyeshadows too, unless they are really sheer. Otherwise, I’m so pale that if I wear black I look like someone has just punched me in the eye. But I love how you used black in this look and the purple eyeliner is a really nice touch. Love the look!

    • mylanqolia February 19, 2010 at 8:28 pm #

      Oh, well, I regret it now not having wished for other colours. Do you know what? I wonder why there aren’t giveaways with Primark make up prizes. That would be wicked! But it looks like I have to find another reliable swapper soon. That’s life. 🙂 Anyways, hallelujah! It’s great that I’m not the only one who uses black very carefully. I always envy girls who look gorgeous with a black eye make up, but well, we have to be more canny to make this colour work for us. 🙂 Thanks that you like the outcome of my EOTD. I’ll do a review on the purple pigment, that I applied wet as an eyeliner, very soon. Just stay tuned! XOX

  2. Andreia February 20, 2010 at 11:35 am #

    I really like black eyeshadows but I’m still learning how to take advantage of a good smokey look =)
    At least it’s cheap so if you don’t like the colour you haven’t lost much.

    • mylanqolia February 25, 2010 at 8:37 pm #

      Yep, it isn’t that easy using black eyeshadow if you don’t have a flattering eyeshape. But I hope that you’ll find a way to master it. Yeah, the cheap price is great, so I can’t regret having a futher black e/s in my collection. 🙂

  3. Liz March 5, 2010 at 12:05 am #

    Hey, just browsing and found your site. I actually work in Primark (UK) and worked on the make-up department for 6 months. This product you tested is reduced to 50p now in store, so a definite bargain! They are reduced as the product is being discontinued…as the stock doesn’t sell very well. There are plenty more exciting new make up products being launched over the Summer, but I don’t think I can give away too much until they are released in stores!! I would recommend you test the fake tan Primark have in. It’s called Faking it. When I worked that department I got such great feed back about it, and when the product went out over the winter season customers were gutted it wasn’t in! The tanning products should have arrived in most UK stores over the past week. It includes gradual and instant tanning products, with a new Gel intant tan, mousse tan and gradual face tan (which are brand new this year). All tanning products are priced at £1.50..not too sure what this is in Euros..2 maybe? But I’d say fantastic value, and always positive feedback..don’t know if thats something you’d be interested in testing? Also there are a lot more lines in the Beautiful Cosmetics range..(same range as the eyeshadow you tested)…a new Whiplash mascara was sent to stores recently. The mascara comes in a tube, well packaged and apparently great to use. I personally use the false lash mascara, for only £2 its the best mascara I’ve ever had!! A little slow to dry, but you can really build up the layers for a dramatic look or use a single coat for day make up. Altogether i think Primark have really tried to improve the make up they offer, whilst keeping it at great value…unfortunately I don’t work on that department any more but it was great being the first to see the new products come in, they’d be the talk of the day!! Primark also do fragrance, 2 as part of the VSIP range and 2 new ones in this year, ‘The Vibe’ and ‘Rock Spirit’, don’t know if fragrance is something you’d be into trying out but they could certainly hold there own against some of the more expensive brands…fragrances priced at just £4 each…

    Hope I haven’t overloaded you with info…but Primark make up is worth a try…

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