Multiple Orgasm with Sleek and P2 or Medium Weekend’s haul

3 Oct

My sweet friends, how’s life? I’m ok now though I still feel tired. I don’t think that the current weather (it’s freaking cold and stormy outside) supports my convalescence but who cares. Have I already mentioned that Germany celebrates a historic day today? No, it’s not the Day of Goethe and Schiller. Nooo! It’s the Reunification Day. If I lived in Berlin I would join the party but actually I live in the back of beyond.*sigh* No special event, no fireworks. *double sigh* The only good thing about it is that I can show you my latest haul. Are you interested in seeing it? Well, come closer, listen and see! Once upon a time there was little Mylanqolia who wished for a miracle. Influenced by many British blogs and yt-vids she wanted to get her hands on Sleek. Sleek? What the hell is that? It’s a London based cosmetic brand with wonderful products that are only available at African stores or at Superdrugs in the UK. See for more details:

Unfortunately, I don’t live in the UK, so I had to search for alternative ways to buy my first Sleek product. As I’m not a lucky girl I couldn’t expect that one of my friends would travel to the “holy beauty land”. Furthermore, I don’t have any swapper mates over there, which is quite disappointing. Anyways, I needed another plan. An online shop would do great but the shop of the Sleek website is still under construction. The next step was the Google search but it wasn’t successful in the end. Thanks to a fortunate coincidence I discovered the yt-channel by Ateyaaa [smuve complexions] where she mentions an online shop that offers Sleek stuff. After having assured myself that this online shop is reliable or let’s say no fake (I love Google sometimes) I had to order my first Sleek items at

The conditions and prices (for products and shipping) were excellent and Claudine was very nice and patient with me though I asked many annoying questions. Anyways, the delivery of the most-wanted package turned out to be very fast. Unfortunately, two e/s broke but I couldn’t return the palette with the shattered e/s as I touched another e/s with my fat finger. I’m too clumsy sometimes.*blush* But I didn’t despair. I pressed the e/s again (not in a professional way) and all is fine now. 🙂 Onto the shopping list and pics:

I bought:

  • Sleek i-divine Mineral Based e/s palette Chaos 577 [C]
  • Sleek Ink Pot Eyeliner Gel with Applicator Espresson 496 [E]
  • Sleek i-divine Mineral Based e/s palette The Original 594 [O]
My first impression on:
  • Sleek i-divine Mineral Based e/s palette Chaos 577: It’s my fave palette so far. The bright colours are highly pigmented and well blendable. Besides, the texture is super soft, matte and long-lasting with a primer. The only e/s I really don’t like is the white one as the colour pay off is lame.
  • Sleek Ink Pot Eyeliner Gel with Applicator Espresson 496: It’s my second drugstore gel liner (no cream liner) and I like it very much. Though it looks very dry in the small pot its texture is smooth and pigmented. Besides, the small brush is superb! I thought it was shit but hey, it’s THE liner brush! It’s a pity that it’s so small. It could be bigger.
  • Sleek i-divine Mineral Based e/s palette The Original 594: The e/s looks awesome as they are shimmery and iridescent. Two of them broke and the reason is pretty easy. Violent postmen in the UK and Germany. No, just kidding! 🙂 It’s the texture who makes them fragile because it’s very crumbly. I feared that the fallout would be a mess but fortunately, it was ok. The trick is: Load your brush with a tiny amount because the colours are very rich pigmented except for the gold one.

All in all, I fully understand the hype around Sleek. It’s a superduper hot drugstore brand and I need more of their fab products! By the way, see for more and better reviews:

The pics of my 3 diamonds:







But don’t worry! My heart still beats for German drugstore brands, as e.g. P2. Do you know that there’s a new LE available? It’s called Stylish Geisha. The Asian inspired themes always lure me and therefore I had to buy two lovely items.

I bought:

  • P2 Stylish Geisha LE cherry blossom e/s 030 Sake
  • P2 Stylish Geisha LE tea ceremony eyeliner 020 Green Tea

My first impression on:

  • P2 Stylish Geisha LE cherry blossom e/s 030 Sake: The pigmentation of the berry-coloured e/s is ace by all means. Paddy of Innen und Außen [see link bar] compared it to a MAC e/s, which means a nobilization of this cute low-budget e/s. Look at the ornamental pattern, by the way! It’s pure eye candy! 🙂
  • P2 Stylish Geisha LE tea ceremony eyeliner 020 Green Tea: Well, though I’m more into gel liners I couldn’t keep myself from buying it. It’s because of the wonderful colour. The pigmentation is ok and the small brush is fine though it’s too small. Why the fuck can’t they add bigger brushes? I’m an adult, not a dwarf (though I might look like one). 🙂  Altogether, the liner is lovely.
  • P2-1



It’s no suprise that I had to experiment with my new toys. So I’ve done one eye with some colours. And yes, I was inspired by the cute ornamental pattern of the P2 Sytlish Geisha LE e/s . 🙂




That’s all for now. Thank you for your patience. 😉 Have a fab weekend, lovelies!

Love, Mylanqolia


8 Responses to “Multiple Orgasm with Sleek and P2 or Medium Weekend’s haul”

  1. Guida October 3, 2009 at 6:13 pm #

    Whoa! The Sleek e/s palettes are amazing! I loved all the colors. The Chaos palette is just perfect ^^

    I noticed they didn’t have an online shop yet when you showed me the website, so it’s good that you found a place where we can get Sleek goodied ;D I’m gonna take a look!

    We don´t have P2 here, but a LE related to japanese stuff sounds nice. I’ll Google it ;D And I know I’ll love almost everything, so now you’re guilty for that 😛 I’ll have cravings…

    Finally, Bowie rocks! More than his music, I love his sense of fashion and all the mistery that surrounds him. For me, Bowie means magic! My fav song is Heroes, it even has a german version and, hey, listen to its cover! Apocalyptica (best band ever \m/) made a cover of Helden with the guy from Rammstein (btw, Rammstein’s new single suckssss sucks sucks ;_;).


  2. Guida October 3, 2009 at 6:16 pm #

    Ah, with all this party I made I forgot to say your makeup makes me want even more to know about the P2 LE. Really! As always, you did a great job and well, the green liner with all the other colors is just perfect! And it’s an autumnal look 😀 You already know I love your looks ^^ By the way, what do you think about purple lipsticks?


  3. Guida October 4, 2009 at 12:16 am #

    Hey 😀 Actually, you could have answered here, that’s how I do ^^ I’d pass here later to see if there was an answer anyway ;D

    In fact, Coraline isn’t a brand, Konad does 🙂 Konad is a nail stamps brand. They’re cool 😀 Coraline is one of my favorite fiction characters. You should watch the movie and read the book, I bet you’d love both and get some inspiration for new looks there ;D Tell me if I’m right 😀

    Sleep well!**

  4. Guida October 4, 2009 at 12:30 am #

    OMG, I know I’m flooding your comments box, but I just checked the links you gave me and bahhh it’s a shame we don’t have P2 here 😐 The containers are damn cute! The brush set, the lipglosses, the highlighter and the eyeliner look gorgeous! And, the prices? Bah, it’s a shame ;_; We should have these things in Portugal :\

    Good night ;D

  5. Miranda October 13, 2009 at 4:00 pm #

    I bought my Sleek at
    I love it. As far as I know they ship to other countries as well.

  6. mylanqolia October 18, 2009 at 3:39 pm #

    @Guida: It’s no prob that you comment like crazy. I really appreciate it because it’s from you. 🙂

    @Miranda: What kind of palettes do you have?Unfortunately, my knowledge of the Dutch language is retarded otherwise I’d have ordered there. But thanks for the link. It’s maybe helpful for people who can speak Dutch fluently. 🙂

  7. shaynaJo March 1, 2010 at 9:45 am #

    wow.. very nice and creative color combinations and also the vines drawing.. awesome! lulz

    • mylanqolia March 2, 2010 at 8:48 pm #

      Welcome to my blog and thanks that you like my eye make up though it’s very colourful!

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