Haula Hoop or Mini Monday’s haul

22 Sep

Hiya lovelies! I’m still ill but I need some diversity apart from lying on my bed reading or drawing (I’m gonna show you the results). Therefore, I asked someone nice to buy me some most wanted things. I wouldn’t survive shopping with my flu. So, I’m the proud owner of new goodies I really like. Both eyeliners by Essence are beautiful. Ok, the color pay-off isn’t that smashing but hey, what do you expect from pastel colours? Besides, I know how to master them as I wasn’t that happy about the other eyeliners by Essence who are mostly somehow transparent. The trick is pretty easy. Add one coat and let it dry. Then add the second coat and the result is opaque.  Well, I admit that there also was the most wanted and hot Alverde Gel Liner, that’s celebrated among the German-speaking blogs as the hottest discovery in the drugstore range, on my wish list/ shopping list but the saleswoamn at dm told me that all were sold out. What a bummer! Ok, but I think that I’ve found a good substitute for it. Next time I’ll tell you more. Anyways, onto the shopping list plus pics.

I bought:

  • Alverde Cosmetics Eyeliner Brush (for gel liners)
  • P2 Absolute Color Lipstick 121 Milky Chai [P2]
  • Essence Made with Love LE Eyeliner 03 Love of my Life (gold) [E]
  • Essence Made with Love LE 02 Eyeliner Love 2 (rose) [E]
  • Essence No Limits Volume Mascara Waterproof 01 Black




As promised, the last week’s Essence haul:


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