Weird day

9 Sep

Hiya sweeties! Yesterday was a really weird day. A nice guy in the train actually complimented me on my glasses. I was very surprised about it and guess what?! I just thanked him and said Goodbye. Am I silly or am I silly? Arrgh! He was so cool because he seemed to be a musician (he carried a guitar with him) and he had fab tattoos. Besides, he was handsome and my age. Arrgh! I’m such an idiot with the opposite sex. Let’s forget it! Besides, I’ve noticed that Essence has a sale again. You’ll find a full list (Bravo!) on Paddy’s blog. Here’s the link:

Of course, I bought some items for me and the contest. Ok, it isn’t a real contest. It’s more a lottery but who cares. I’m absolutely thankful that Essence reduced some products because I’m broke. Yeah! No extra money for extra things but I keep my promises. By the way, have I mentioned that I really adore the Catrice Purple Passion LE kajal? It’s a magic tool and such a beauty! I’m very pleased with it. On to my yesterday’s EOTD, guys!

All the best, Mylanqolia

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