Friday’s Medium Haul or Zimzalabim Sabrina

5 Sep

So, here’s my yesterday’s haul. I went to the “Euro Shop” again to buy the other e/s palette. Yes, you’ve got it right, I wanted more of Sabrina! Unfortunately, there wasn’t any palette. The case of the shelf resembled an empty desert and I became immediately disappointed. I asked the saleswoman and she answered that there are supply difficulties because the e/s palettes seem to be very popular. Oh no!!! Wrong answer! This means that I have to wait. God knows how long. If you’re curious to know what the 2nd palette looks like, just visit the hot website of a pretty lady called Miau. Here’s the link:

And if you’d like to know more about Sabrina Cosmetics product, just visit this catalogue (don’t worry, no virus or spam is expecting you):

Anyways, I had to search for another option to get my much-needed dose of Sabrina and so I had to bought 3 trio e/s. Funny thing, right? The pigmentation is ok and I’m looking forward to testing them on my eyelids. On to the shopping list and pics, guys!

I bought:

  • wet n wild e/s duo E91504 (the discon. duo e/s for 1€)
  • Essence Summer of Love LE e/s 04 Love&Peace (for 50 cents)
  • Alverde duo e/s 29 Sweet Melon (for 1. 45 €) [A]
  • Sabrina Cosmetics e/s trio with brown colors [SA]
  • Sabrina Cosmetics e/s trio with greens [SA]
  • Sabrina Cosmetics e/s trio with rose [SA]
  • Black Onyx Glitter e/s Powder in gold
  • Catrice Purple Passion LE Eye Liner Pencil C02 Deep Purple [C]




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