Artistic stuff: Summer elf II

16 Aug

May I introduce Cosmia to you? She’s also a summer elf and Lizzy’s friend. I made her with products by Catrice (also the new items), Fabiani, Essence, Zoeva, Beauty UK, P2 and RdL Young. Good news, by the way! You can find the two elves at pinkmelon.


Here’s the link:! Hope you like those fun looks, mates!                                                                                                           

All the best, Mylanqolia 

*artificial light*


P.S.: It’s just a crazy idea. What do you think of greeting cards with those pics? I’d call the greting cards collection “From eye to eye”. Here’s an example. If you like it, you can download it at my flickr account. Constructive criticism would be fine, too. 🙂



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