Catrice, why have you forsaken me?

13 Aug

Hi sweeties! Listen, mates, the title should exactly be “Catrice Stay On! Eye Shadow Base, why have you forsaken me?”. I’m fed up with the P2 e/s Base. Some e/s don’t stick to it and my eyelids tend to swell after having applied it. Thus, I think I won’t buy it again. But the prob is: I just have 3 substitutional Catrice bases and I’m sure that they don’t last forever. Besides, I don’t like the other e/s bases that are available in German drugstores. Is it too early to write to Cosnova? Am I hysterical? Do I overreact? Yes, so do I but I’m very desperate now. 😦 I’m very unhappy with the outcome of my today’s EOTD either due to the horrible e/s base. The only lights in the darkness are the new Catrice items. The e/s and the liner are just marvellous though I have to admit, that the matte texture of the e/s is shimmery actually. Wrong definition but I don’t care… Have fun and a fab weekend, ladies!

Love, Mylanqolia

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