Plums and oranjes

10 Aug

Hiya lovelies! How was your weekend? Hope you had a nice time. Unfortunately, mine wasn’t as relaxing as always but I don’t want to complain today. Sun is shining and life couldn’t be sweeter. Ok, I admit that I’m still melancholic but who cares? Fortunately, life goes on. Guess what?! I was creative again and I’d like to show you one pic. Don’t worry! I’ll translate the short text in the speech bubble. 😉


D’ ya listen to me? I luv ya!

Ok, I’m not a natural born comedian but I hope someone else can laugh about it. 🙂 Besides, I’d like to thank my dear Mel for the brand new Catrice items I’ve received on Friday last week. I can’t believe that I’ve the honour to test them though they aren’t available in the stores yet. Wow! Mel, you rock! I’m very curious to test them. Just be patient if you’d like to read the reviews on them at pinkmelon.


But on to my today’s EOTD. Nothing special, guys  but I hope you like it.

XOX, Mylanqolia

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