Go for gold or Mini Thursday’s haul

9 Jul

Ah, well, it isn’t very easy to get the things I really want. I have a wish list referring to make up that’s longer and broader than the equator. Actually. I’ve planned to buy the u.m.a. Shock Colours e/s in shocking metal of the Summer Glam LE because it looks so hot but some barbaric people abused all 3 e/s of the POS display. How disgusting is it to test brand new e/s without buying them? I hope that I’ll find another shop in a neighbouring town that offers u.m.a. Besides, I yearned for purchasing the latest wet n wild Mega Eyes e/s but the only department store in my area hasn’t updated its wet n wild range. Seems to be that this process takes longer. Let’s wait and drink some (maybe a kilolitre?) tea. However, I couldn’t go away empty-handed. I’ve kidnapped two new items by wet n wild. Wanna see them? No prob. Have a nice day and weekend!

Best wishes, Mylanqolia

I bought:

  • wet n wild Kajal&Eyeliner 6
  • wet n wild Mega Eyes e/s mono E91418 Pure Gold




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