It’s raining candy or Large Friday’s haul

4 Jul

Yeah, you’re right… I can’t live without some new toys at my playground.:-) Let’s have a look at my shopping list and the pics, guys! Enjoy your weekend wherever you are!

Best wishes, Mylanqolia

I bought:

  • elementgirls smokey eyes e/s 01 smokey eyes (well pigmented stuff just for 1 €!)
  • elementgirls irresistible candy e/s 02 irresistible candy (see above)
  • elementgirls innocent white e/s 06 innocent white (see above)
  • Fairwind Eyeliner 06 espresso brown-metallic [2] > I love the colour!
  • Catrice Haute Couleur LE e/s palette C01 Catwalk Colours [3] > amazing e/s!
  • Essence Summer of Love LE e/s 02 Woodstock [4] > The colour reminds me of the green one of the aquamarine wet n wild e/s palette
  • Essence Summer of Love LE smokey eyes e/s & liner 02 Woodstock [5] > I’m happy that I haven’t bought all of them. I’m not very pleased with the texture of the e/s powder (sticky) and liquid liner (too watery). Nice idea, anyways.
  • P2 Hawaiian Spirit LE paradise island e/s 020 pink orchid [6] > a great pigmentation
  • wet n wild Wild Shine Nail Color E71535 Deep Rouge > I haven’t tested it yet but I love the colour!
  • wet n wild Kajal & Eyeliner 11 Turquoise [1] > The colour is so lovely!!!




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