Artistic stuff: Bee

12 Jun

Hiya dear beauty folks! I’m back with another funky fun look. I wanted to do something easy because I plan to do a special tutorial on it dedicated to my pinkmelon ladies. I admit that it was hard to take pix of each step, so I did the bee on the back of my hand. Well, I still have to assemble the pictures and write the text. But I need some time for this adventure. 🙂 Anyways, I try to do EOTDs again because I neglected this particular section for a very long time. The problem is that I have to wake up in the early morning hours and feel too tired to take pictures of my daily emu. Don’t think anything wrong about my attitude towards fun looks. They are just for fun and maybe mad make up art. I’m pretty sure that there are some very silly people (unfortunately, they do exist!) out there who think that I go to work or the movies with a bee on my eye lid. Hmm, yes… but my lovely visitors know the truth about it. 😀 So, enjoy this look made with products by Catrice, Essence, Fabiani, Beauty UK, P2 and Manhattan. Have a crazy weekend, mates!

Best wishes, Mylanqolia



P.S.: Just visit this hot youtube channel by! It’s amazing!


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