Colourful results due to a lack of time *pic heavy*

24 Apr

Hiya! Well, I’m a busy bee at the moment and I’ve nearly forgotten about this blog. To be honest, I hate this superficial shit sometimes because my life isn’t that easy and colourful. But who cares… Here are some EOTDs of the previous days and something creative I’ve made for lovely people. By the way, if you don’t like my mole, then don’t visit my blog and don’t use my pics, ok? I accept constructive criticism about my technique or my passion for drugstore brands but I don’t accept silly citicism about my outward appearance. Guess what?! I’m very happy with it (maaaan, I’m nearly 31, don’t you think that it’s ridiculous to talk like this about a mature and sophisticated woman? You project your uncertainties onto me!!! Shame on you!), especially with my big, fat mole. Do I need any picture watermarks, guys? No! 😛 Enjoy your weekend!

1.) My tools:

I really love the Catrice Club Tropicana LE e/s Palm Leaves. It’s very recommendable. Unfortunetely, I still have to write the review on it though I’ve no time for it. 😦


2.) My tools:

Thanks again to Paddy for the great Claire’s e/s palette! It’s a superb toy!


3.) My tools:


Real creativity or real kitsch:

a) The troll and the lipstick are for great Mel. The lipstick is inspired by my Red Roses Boudoir Fantasy Collection. 🙂 See here:



b) The HK card is for Mara.


c) The tulips and the elf are for my granny T.





2 Responses to “Colourful results due to a lack of time *pic heavy*”

  1. divashop May 13, 2009 at 11:01 pm #

    Cool looks!Man, I so envy your very defined crease, my eyes are hooded, UGH! Lol.

    • mylanqolia May 17, 2009 at 6:56 pm #

      Thx, girl! Oh c’mon, don’t envy my very deep crease. It’s useless. 😉 Besides, I envy you for your amazing eye colour. Brown is boring sometimes. 🙂

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