Cut the crease after eight

15 Apr

Hiya! How’s life? Mine is busy as always. Therefore I hardly post new entries. So sorry, guys! But I try to show you my recent boring emus that aren’t as extraordinary as usual. I picked up the “cut the crease“-topic for my today’s EOTD. The colour combo is inspired by the most tasteful mint chocolate, namely Nestlé After Eight: Yummy!

Besides, my hair is short again! Yay! Some will hate me for this crucial and maybe cruel step but I feel very comfy with this cut. Finally more sleep in the mornings! Party time!!! 😉 By the way, I’m very pleased to say that I’ve won some new toys at: Just visit this phat beauty blog by Paddy! You won’t regret it if you like cosmetics and more (especially tasty food!). Ok, the first and most important premise is that you’re fluent in written and spoken German. Otherwise you won’t understand some descriptions. If you’re too lazy to read, enjoy the pics!!! Best wishes, Myq

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