Medium Friday’s haul and swap items from UK

27 Mar

Dear beauty folks! So sorry that I’m very busy at the moment. It’s a pity that I have to neglect my blog but c’est la vie, err, that’s life. Have I told you that I’m absolutely muddle-headed lately? I always forget something. Yesterday I’ve forgotten my cosmetic bag and umbrella at home because I had to catch the train at the last minute. Oh my! Leaving my cosmetic bag is comparable to a profound sacrilege. I can live without my umbrella but I can’t live without my magic survival bag. I swear that I won’t ever repeat this terrible mistake. Never ever again!!!  But let’s talk about my today’s haul and the fab package I’ve received today. Thanks so much to the very kind sender S.! I love the e/s palettes and the chocolate bars (what about my diet? Ah, yesss, forgotten…*g*) and I hope you enjoy my surpise. 🙂 Here’s the list of products and the pics. 

 I’ve bought:

  • wet n wild e/s duo Exotic Duo E91505 [1]
  • wet n wild kajal Metallic Lilac E91909 [2]
  • P2 Universe e/s rich Mars [3]
  • P2 Paradise Dream Eye Pencil charming gold [4]
  • P2 Paradise Dream Eye Pencil playful apricot [5]
  • Catrice Stay On! Eyeliner Pencil Icy Blue [6]
  • Essence Mono e/s Frosted (all mono e/s are discontinued so get some for just 0. 99 €)
  • ebelin Professional Blending brush

I’ve received from GB:

  • 2 x Beauty UK e/s collection 2 (No. 2 is nearly a dupe for Claire’s e/s palette because some colours are identical > see last pic at the bottom) [7]
  • 1 x Beauty UK e/s collection 3 [8]

The Beauty UK cosmetic range is only available in GB (see website: Beauty addicts from abroad have to swap or order items here:

I admit that it’s easier to book a flight to UK and to get them as souvenirs…






Watch her review on the Beauty UK e/s palette No.2! I like her British accent, by the way. 🙂


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