Testing the P2 Artist Cream e/s Kandinsky

24 Mar

Hiya beauty folks! How’s life? I feel tired, miserable and fat (dammit, I have to lose weight!!!) today. Yeah, it sounds like pure happiness. Honestly, let’s stay negative. Why the hell the purple Artist Cream e/s is called Kandinsky? I’ve always thought that brands chose positive connoted product names. Ok, ok, I admit that Kandinsky is an amazing artist that created a massive oeuvre. But do you know what he thought about purples, violets and lavenders? He wrote that they were essentially “morbid, extinguished [..] sad.” Yes! So don’t use those colours if you’d like to show the world that you’re an optimistic person. 😉 Funny, right? Apart from that I still waver back and forth on whether or not to like the Artist Cream e/s. The texture is somehow weird but I love, love, love the impressive intensity of colour. Oh well, I think I won’t buy the green one.  Perhaps I should better give the P2 eye shadow pencils a try instead. But on to the pics of my yesterday’s EOTD! Good night, fellas! XOX

My tools:



Believe it or not but I’m a girl, err, old granny! :-p I hate my hair, by the way!!! I want it supermassive short again. 🙂 Finally, I ask myself why the l/s appears uneven. I swear that it has been even.


2 Responses to “Testing the P2 Artist Cream e/s Kandinsky”

  1. vorstadtcinderella March 28, 2009 at 1:46 am #

    Zauberhaft, traumhaft, ich weiß gar nicht was ich sagen soll, du dienst mir jedesmal als Inspiration, aber deine AMUs sehen auch immer so einzigartig aus, der Schimmer, ich weiß nicht wie du das immer hinzauberst, unglaublich!

    • mylanqolia April 3, 2009 at 4:12 pm #

      Huch! Dankschön. 🙂 Aber so toll sind meine AMUs auch nicht. Da gibt es bessere, denke ich.

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