Testing the P2 Artist Cream e/s Dali

17 Mar

Hiya! Hope you had a nice day. Finally the sun came out and gave us some marvellous foretaste of spring.  But I dunno… I feel super tired and and I have a weary look. Is it spring tiredness? Weird thing. No, I guess it’s a symptom of a cold. Who knows… I love self-diagnosis, by the way. 😉 But let’s turn to my today’s EOTD now. I’ve tested the P2 Artist Cream e/s Dali (it’s a smashing turquoise) but I have to admit that I have massive problems to cope with it as a colour base. The e/s cream is hard to smudge because it’s very sticky. Besides, powder e/s are hard to blend on it. I’m desperate now! Did I do something wrong? I won’t abandon hope to manage it! Damn, the pigmentation of the colour is awesome! So, here are the pics of my awful EOTD. I’m sure you won’t like it…

My tools:


P.S.: I’m not a snotty granny who forgets about her Email contacts. I still remember you all and I feel very sorry that I haven’t replied yet. But be patient, mates! Thanks.

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