Testing the new P2 Perfect Eyes! Base

12 Mar

Howdy beauty folks! This rainy and dull day is nearly over. To behonest, I’m happy to rest on my cuddly and warm bed and to read a good book or to watch a video. By the way, do you remember your childhood’s most favourite tv series? So I do. I loved “Moondial” (in German: Minty  in der Mondzeit) and “De Zevensprong or The secret of the Seventh Path” (in German: Das Geheimnis des siebten Weges) . The best thing is: They are on youtube! Yay! Just watch them if you’re interested in entering your childhood memories. 😉

But let’s talk about make-up again. Today I wanted to try out the new e/s base I bought yesterday. I’ve not been disappointed so far. Ok, the aspect of covering wrinkles or dark circles is a joke but I don’t expect magic of an e/s base. I just want a nice tube primer. Furthermore, I’d like to mention that I still wait for a dark purple waterproof kajal for the waterline. The P2 kajal ist too light. So, Cosnova, how about you? Do you dare to release such a colour? Hope so. I’m patient…

Oh no! I’ve nearly forgotten to tell you that I bought another P2 item. It’s the Universe e/s Forbidden Venus (weird name). I hope it works fine on my lids because those e/s are a must. By the way, please take part in the great P2 COMPETITION powered by dm! Here’s the link: https://dm-aktionen.de/cgi-bin/p2_neuprodukte_200903/gewinnspiel?f=&k=&debug= Good luck!!!

On to the pix. XOX

My tools:


After 5 hours:

My new P2 Universe e/s Forbidden Venus:


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