Blooming spring

6 Mar

Hey beauty folks! Hope you’re fine. I’m busy again. My life seems to be a hardcore roller coaster… Ronan Keating? Fuck, I’m getting older and older. Much has happened but I can’t tell ya the whole story. As for cosmetics, I got a very small haul with some cheap stuff yesterday: two new Catrice e/s, a wet n wild mono e/s & nail polish (wet n wild rocks!) and a P2 Artist Cream e/s. You can maybe guess that the word “artist” made me to buy one. By the way, I can’t believe that the demand for the new P2 products is immense. I’d liked to invite the new waterproof purple kajal (hot for the waterline!!!) but it wasn’t there. Just empty spaces. There’s a craze about new stuff. That’s surreal. Okidoki, so I have to wait. I also have to wait for an Essence Jelly Baby kajal because they are scarce goods in general. Jeez, is it the weather or is it the financial crisis? People, the cheap drugstore section is my domain!!! ūüėČ Whatsoever, my yesterday’s EOTD isn’t super cheap.¬†Sorry! But I like the Isadora e/s palette (espec. the green and brown shade) because the e/s are nice pigmented and superb to blend. Furthermore the Isadora kajal is lovely because it’s so creamy. The result is a fresh and spring-like look by all means. Of course, both products are recommendable toys for the luxury babes among us. I’m just an innocent¬†tester who’s gonna write a review on¬†them very soon.¬†¬†Finally, I hope that I can show you pics of my latest haul. Be patient and enjoy my recent look! XOX

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