Small Thurday’s haul or Raspberry Swirl

6 Feb

Hiya beauty folks! Yay, good news, I’m still alive! Let’s celebrate it! 😉 Honestly, this post about my yesterday’s shopping is just a sign of life. Besides, I proudly annouce that I own some red nail polish now. Wow! Spectacular! Where’s the world press to report on this hot event?! 😉 Guess what? I like the colour. Basic Concept (by Woolworth) has fine nail polishes for a nice price. Just 1. 49 €! It’s superb if you’re keen to experiment with colours in general. Well, the staying power of the red one is quite good. I can’t complain about it. The only disadvantage is that you need 2-3 coats to achieve a covering effect. But hey! You can’t expect too much luxury for peanuts. 🙂 Furthermore, I’m happy about the slim lipstick by Essence of the latest LE. What a lovely colour! So here’s the full shopping list! Enjoy your weekend, guys! All the best!

I bought:

  • Basic Concept (by Woolworth) nail polish Chilli Red
  • Basic Concept (by Woolworth) multi e/s No. 1 ( fine shimmery shades) [BC]
  • Miss Helen (by Hema) multi e/s  No. 11 (wow! I need more of this hoooot stuff!!!) [MH]
  • Essence 50’s fever LE l/s love me tender
  • Catrice Baroque Glamour LE nail polish Scottish Red (for 1 €!)




Last but not least, I made some swatches of the 4 u.m.a. shock color e/s I own. Hope they’ll help if you’d like to buy one. Unfortunatey, u.m.a. don’t offer samples. It’s a pity!

[From left to right: shocking rose, shocking pink, shocking green, shocking blue]

P.S.: My latest fun looks are now online at pinkmelon!!!


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