Artistic stuff: Shark II

4 Feb

Hiya beauty folks! Are you ready for another fun look? Hope so but don’t expect too much. Old granny Mylanqolia had a shaky hand today and couldn’t apply the fucking Rival de Loop lashes (I used both). 🙂  To be honest, the glue of the Rival de Loop Young lashes is bad, worse, the worst. It’s too wet and too liquid to stick to the eyelid. Believe me, it was a pain in the arse to apply the fucking lashes! What a bummer! 😦 The only good apect is that I haven’t reacted allergic to the latex in the glue as usual. Ok, perhaps the amount of latex isn’t very high, otherwise the glue would be more adhesive, in other words, it would work. Good to know. Well, my upper eyelid is slightly swollen but that’s ok. So don’t use the glue of the Rival de Loop lashes. The lashes are average but the glue is unsatisfactory! Here’s a pic of the little black devil:


Anyways, on to the look. Don’t pay too much attention to the lashes, okidoki? I’ve used products by Catrice, elementgirls, Fabiani, u.m.a., P2 and Rival de Loop Young to achieve this look. Surprise, surprise, I like the shark head!!! 😉


P.S.: You’ll find my latest fun looks at pinkmelon very soon. Check it out!!!


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