Consumers test of Manhattan Cosmetics

14 Jan

Howdy beauty folks! How are you? I’m very, very, very sorry that I’m MIA again but I’m extremely busy with my life at the moment. I try to update my blog but at the moment it’s difficult to find some spare time. I have some news for the drugstore cosmetics addicts. Manhattan plans to launch a new eyebrow pencil. They’ve sent me the “new one” (seems to be so) and the regular one to compare them. I can keep them after having tested them. That’s cool because they are dark brown (a real dark brown!) and match with my eyebrow hair colour. Yay! Just have a look at the new eyebrow pencil. It has a coloured and a wax side plus small brush at the cap. I have tested the “new one” yet. The wax is somehow sticky but not sticky enough to tame my unruly eyebrow hairs. But the good thing is that they will offer a wide range of colours. Every girl with a different hair colour will find her personal eyebrow pencil colour. That’s cool and reminds me of my own idea refering to the  Essence eyebrow designer. Just read the test report at pinkmelon if you’ve missed it.;-) Anyways, I’m happy about the honour to test the pencils. It’s wonderful being a drugstore cosmetics maniac!!!:-)



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