Artistic stuff: Hello Kitty I

14 Jan

Well, this special fun look is dedicated to dear Mara aka Vorstadtcinderella who’s a true Hello Kitty fan. I’m so sorry, Mara, but I failed this time. I forgot the most important thing, namely the whiskers!!! Damn! I’m getting old. I’ll do a revised version with a model to avoid another bad mistake. Hope, you can forgive me this unexcusable faux pas! Anyways, I’ll do another Hello Kitty for you, ok? No mutant anymore. 😉
Besides, I’d like to tell you that I’m going to concentrate my blog topics on the fun looks. I think they are my main challenge and maybe there are some girls who try to walk in my footsteps one day. Honestly, I would be glad if there were more mad souls like me.:-) Ok, ok, I haven’t forgotten the tutorial. It’s my first and last one but I keep my promises.

Whatsoever, here’s the failed Hello Kitty without whiskers. I used the e/s base by Catrice, a s/s by Fabiani (shimmery white), the 88 normal e/s palette by Zoeva, e/s by Essence and Catrice (white and black), a black kajal by Essence, the metallic lilac f/l by Fairwind , the silver e/s Top Coat by Catrice, the purple gitter by Fairwind, the eyebrow pencil by Manhattan and the mascaras by Essence and Catrice. Too many items for such a poor result… Shame on me! ;-)Have fun, guys! XOX



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