Mini Thurday’s haul

8 Jan

Hi beauty folks! I’m still alive but I’m freezing and I’m hibernating, err, I mean, I’m tired.;-) Anyway, I hate shopping if it’s too cold and to be honest, I can’t see the fucking snow slush any longer! Melt, snow, melt!!! Why isn’t spring? I love this season. Spring is wonderful! Spring is life, love and happiness. Whatsoever,  I had to buy some items at Ihr Platz at the central station. Not much and cheap, too, but very useful for my make up artist kit. Yep, I had to stock up the supplies.:-)

Anyways, I bought:

  • an eyeliner brush [1. 29 €]
  • Fairwind All Over Body Glitter in purple (it’s very recommendable due to the fine glitter) [1. 49 €]
  • Fairwind e/s and Glitter Base (its texture is creamy and sticky and it’s a nice base for the glitter but I’m not so sure if the glitter adheres to it for a long time) [1. 49 €]




[on the left: Fairwind e/s & Glitter base; in the middle: Catrice Mousse e/s with Fairwind Glitter (not a goood match because the glitter doesn’t stick to it); on the right: Fairwind All Over Body Glitter on the Fairwind e/s & Glitter base (nice but not excellent result) ]


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