Large Friday’s haul or Wenn es passiert

3 Jan

Dear beauty folks! Life, espec. some people are weird. Guess what? A strange girl thought that my fun looks were daily make ups tips! Help!!! No way! Reading is difficult for some though it’s written in my mother tongue, i.e. German. That’s an absurd, let’s say, nearly surreal occurence. But let’s forget it. The main thing is that you, my dear visitors, understand the true meaning of my funny fun looks.;-)

Abrupt change of topic:

If I feel bad I have to fill the emptiness of my heart. So I had to buy…

No, absolutely wrong, I don’t buy cosmetics  as a compensation for emptiness and pain. It’s a passion, mates! Especially if it’s sale!!! Basically I wanted to get a present for a friend I’ll visit tomorrow but in the end I couldn’t resist the cheap offers. Most of the Claire’s and Catrice stuff was just for a buck, err, I mean for 1 €. Unbelievable!!! Besides, I’m very happy that I’ve found a small Claire’s shop because I’d like to test the cute palettes Nemux [ ] promotes in her colourful blog. I hope that I don’t react allergic to the e/s of the smokey and nude palettes. Would be great!

Anyways, on to the shopping list and the pics! Before I do this I wish you a lovely weekend! Enjoy!!!

I bought:

  • 2 x Claire’s e/s palettes (smokey and nude)
  • 3x Claire’s l/g
  • Catrice Dreams of Ice LE e/s Frosted Purple [C]
  • Catrice Baroque Glamour LE l/s Purple Silk
  • Catrice Baroque Glamour LE e/s Luscious Green
  • Catrice Baroque Glamour LE e/s Beige Velvet
  • Catrice Baroque Glamour LE Metallic e/l Luscious Green
  • Catrice Here Comes The Sun LE Metallic e/s Sun Touch
  • Lyra Cos-Mix Pencil [L]
  • Lyra Cosmea Splender Expressive Eyes (see: )
  • Miss Helen e/s duo 05 [MH]





[Arrgh! My skin is very dry at the moment.]


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