Mini Tuesday’s haul or last X-mas shopping 2008

24 Dec

Ok, I admit that I’m an addict. My new addiction is Basic Concept. If you like Essence and Catrice you will love Basic Concept. Fortunately, Basic Concept doesn’t offer the same wide product range. Otherwise I would have another No.1 in my drugstore make up ranking.;-) I’m happy to say that I have my Catrice e/s Top Coat now. Yeah! I’ll use it for the New Year’s fun look, I guess. But before this will happen, I wish you all very happy X-mas holidays!


Enjoy the ideational presents like love, laughters and good talks with your family and friends! They are more important than the material presents…  But back to the hauling! Here’s the shopping list, the pics and a bonus!

I bought:

  • 3 Black Onyx Glitter e/s Powders in blue, lilac and yellow (maybe for my make up artist kit? Dunno so far.)
  • Catrice e/s Top Coat Silver Gleam (C)
  • Fairwind Metallic e/l silver star (F)
  • Basic Concept l/s Deep Purple (BC DP)
  • Basic Concept e/s duo Wave Rider (BC WR)
  • Basic Concept e/s duo Evening Sensation (BC ES)





My new lighter! No, I don’t smoke… It’s part of my shark collection now. Yes, I collect everything on sharks. I wish there were a cosmetic company that releases make up items with a shark design. Dear Santa Claus… No, just kidding:-)

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