Monday’s mini haul plus another surpise

15 Dec

Although I feel like slimy snot on the floor, I had to buy some new e/s at Mueller. The reason is that there’s a 25% discount on all e/s and that’s a fabulastic offer, indeed. Hurry up! Go to Muellers for a good bargain! Besides, I’ve gone to Woolworths because Sanna ( told something of a weird but interesting cosmetic store brand in her blog. Something with “Infinity Woman”. Sorry but I’m too ill and tired to remember it. Don’t expect me to do too much today. My poor brain. 😉 Anyways, it’s true that Woolworth has a cosmetic store brand but its name is “Basic Concept”. Very promising stuff if you ask me. I’ve just bought two e/s because I have to test them with regard to allergic reactions. But the colour pay-off is fine for cheap m/u. I especially like the Shimmer Dust. Wowza! Furthermore, I’ve received a small package with wonderful items. Thanks so much to the lovely sender Melanie! You rule!!! Get well soon, by the way. Honestly, it feels like X-mas today!:-) Let’s have a look at the shopping list and the fab items!!! Feel inspired for your X-mas shopping!;-) Luv ya!

My shopping list:

  • Basic Concept e/s duo Blue Fin (1, 79 € – BC BF)
  • Basic Concept Shimmer Dust No. 1 (1, 99 € – BC SD1)
  • Catrice High Pearl e/s Powder Luxury Beige (not depicted)
  • Essence Soft Matt e/s Satin Matt (not depicted)
  • Essence e/s Divine Mauve (E DM)




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