Mini Saturday’s haul or Evig pint

6 Dec

Hi dear beauty folks! Halleluja! I’ve finally found a Müller (read Mueller) by coincidence and I bought two Essence items there.  I’ll buy some more stuff that I won’t get at Ihr Platz or Dm. I can’t wait but I have to be patient because there’s too much to do at the moment.  Besides, I have to order a fab new palette by Zoeva (the first piece of my make up artist kit?;-) ) because a very nice lass wants to have her eyes done in a crazy way. She loves my fun looks and likes to be my model. I can’t believe it. I mean, I always thought I were a lame duck with my style and make up.  Oh wow! I’m very happy that some people like my works. Thanks to you, guys! You prove to have a good taste.;-) Back to my mini haul. I just bought Essence e/s Follow Me (EFM), Essence Metal Glam e/s Be Seen (EMG BS) and element girls kajal blue glitter (EG BG). I like my haul so much! So, here are some pics! Enjoy your weekend, mates! Luv ya!




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