Green overkill

25 Nov

Hiya beauty folks! So sorry that I’m a fair-weather friend at the moment. I hate myself for not being reliable and on time. So sorry again! I’ve many projects in my mind (a new fun look!) but it seems to be that time is my foe lately. Damn!
Good news! I’ll answer some overdue e-mails (pls forgive me!) and I’ll revise the reviews on the wetnwild products (exclusively written for pinkmelon) today because I’m still very unhappy with the structure. No, don’t get me wrong. I’m no perfectionist but I’d like to offer something interesting and funny. Well, let’s wait and see… By the way, I bought another  liquid liner and e/s by Fairwind yesterday (see pic). The colours rock!!! I used them for my today’s EOTD. But before I’m gonna show you my today’s EOTD you have to see my yesterday’s EOTD. What do you think of the liner? Ok, it’s not perfect but how about the opacity? Amazing, huh? Just remember, it’s a cheap liquid liner by Fairwind!!! Last but not least, I add a music vid (I’m currently mad about different sounds). Enjoy Foals’ fine tunes!!!

Product list:


  • Catrice Stay On!
  • Fabiani s/s in silver


  • Fairwind Metallic duo e/s 02 (white and petrol)
  • P2 -more than Illusion LE e/s dazzling green
  • RdL duo e/s green star
  • Catrice e/s Vanilla Cream


  • Fairwind Metallic e/l fresh mint
  • element girls kajal green glitter
  • Shingar


My yesterday’s EOTD:

My yesterday’s mini haul:

[on the left: Fairwínd Metallic Duo e/s 02, on the right: Fairwind Metallic e/l fresh mint]

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