Large Saturday’s haul or Alles neu

23 Nov

Hi dear beauty folks! How’s life? So sorry that I’ve been M.I.A. the last days but I’m very, very, very busy at the moment. Honestly, I don’t wanted to go on your nerves with my bad mood. I’m afraid that you would press charges against me due to mental assault.;-) Though I have not time for beauty shopping, I couldn’t resist to relieve my addiction by purchasing some great stuff I really love. Ok, I haven’t tested the items on my eye lids and lips yet, but who cares. The colours are wonderful! I need colours so bad in winter time…

What has surprised me the most, are the Fairwind products I’ve found at Schlecker (German drugstore). The pigmentation of the liquid liner and the e/s is mind-blowing! Believe me, those products are cheap but so gooood! Wow! Thanks to Fairwind! I think, I’ll buy another liner next week.:-) Hope that I don’t have any allergic reations to it. But enough of this shallow bla bla. Enjoy the purchase list and the pics! XOX

I’ve bought:

  • Alverde Stockholm LE duo e/s 17
  • P2 More than Illusion LE mystic purple [matte and highly pigmented]
  • P2 More than Illusion LE dazzling green [see above]
  • Fairwind Metallic LE duo e/s 01
  • Fairwind Metallic LE duo l/l Sweet Purple
  • Catrice e/s Top Coat Gold Gleam
  • Catrice High Pearl e/s Powder Sophisticated Brown [I’d like to use it as an liner]
  • Catrice High Pearl e/s Powder Glamorous Bronze [see above]
  • Catrice Velvet matte e/s Sienna Brown
  • Catrice e/s Chili Chocolate
  • Catrice e/s Vanilla Cream
  • Catrice Colour&Care l/s Nougat
  • Catrice Colour&Care Golden Ruby









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