The early X-mas feeling

29 Oct

Hiya, beauty folks! I’d like to show you my yesterdays LOTD because I have to. If you see the pics, you know what I mean.;-) Sorry about the horrible mugshots! I know that I look like a zombie. 🙂 By the way, I have to warn the low budget fans. This l/s isn’t a cheap one. It’s the Annayake X-mas 2008 LE l/s dynamique 68 which is a marvellous cherry-red (I test it exclusively for!) . Although it dries my lips out a tiny bit (I should better use more chapstick), I’m very pleased with the creamy and non-bleeding texture. It’s a hot tip for the luxury babes! Go and get it!!! As for the lip liner, I used my all time favourite u.m.a. 04. Well, finally good news about my mom: She gets well again. I’m so relieved now! *sigh* The only problem is that I still feel dog-tired. I need some sleep. *yawwwn* XOX

(Still sad due to my mom)

P.S.: Don’t forget the CONTEST >! The deadline comes closer and closer!;-)


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