Mini Saturday’s haul

18 Oct

Well, dear beauty folks, I’m still alive but nothing has changed about my emotional state. As for my physical state respectively allergic reaction I’m glad to say that the swelling on my eye lid regresses thanks to massaging and cooling bit by bit. I still doubt if the Basic eye shadow pens are the only reason for the allergic reaction. What about the ZOEVA e/s? I have to check this special matter very soon. Anyways, as you maybe know I was surprised by the amazing quality of the Cosmetica Fanatica e/s pen in black. The pigmentation was great and I had no allergic reactions to it. As a result of the disappointing experience with the Basic e/s sticks I’ve turned to the super cheap Cosmetica Fanatica ones again (each 1. 59 €). It’s funny that this brand is also available in a supermarket near my place. Wohooo! 🙂 Well, of course I’ll test them, too, before I can say that they work for me. But I won’t keep the pictures away from you. Don’t they appear to be promising? By the way, I also bought a wonderful Catrice Kajal Designer. The shade is a dream!!! Have a nice weekend, mates! XOX

[on the top: Catrice Kajal Designer Green Amazon, in the middle and below: Cosmetica Fanatica e/s pencils in light green, red (3in1) and light blue]


[The abbreviations mean: C GA = Catrice Kajal Designer Amazon Green, CF = Cosmetica Fanatica in light green, light blue and red (it’s a 3in1= e/s, blush and l/s)]


P.S.: Don’t forget the CONTEST!


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