The winner takes it all *closed*

11 Oct


Guys, it’s time to officially announce it! I will launch my first contest! Let’s celebrate it. 🙂
You can win this wonderful and spectacular prize if you take part in it!






The prize contains:

  • Catrice e/s palette Spring Awakening
  • Catrice e/s palette Beauty of Nature
  • Catrice kajal Nearly Black
  • Catrice Wonder Lips Volume Gloss 01
  • u.m.a. shock colors e/s shocking green
  • u.m.a. kajal 04
  • u.m.a. push up your lips l/s bubble
  • Fabiani Twist Up e/s Glitter Stick E2
  • Fabiani Twist Up e/s Glitter Stick E5
  • Fabiani Twist Up e/s Glitter Stick E6
  • Manhattan mono e/s Petrol
  • Manhattan kajal 66Q
  • P2 duo e/s hawaiian orchid
  • Alverde mono e/s Aubergine
  • Six earrings with lucky Buddha pendants (the chinese writing means fu>

I have to mention that all products you can see are new and unused! I bought all on my own (the price is around 30 €!) so I’m not sponsored by anybody. 

If you are interested in the contest prize, you have to agree with the conditions of participation.

What do have to do?

Send me a picture of your colourful and extraordinary smokey eye look (the focus is on the eyes, so you don’t have to send me a mugshot but you can do so. One or two pics are sufficient)! The smokey eye look has to be crazy and outstanding. Use unusual colours, fake lashes, rhinestones, glitter etc. Break the rules but always remember: Just use drugstore/ low budget stuff. Make them work for your purposes! 😉 You’ve got a month to create your special eye make up that you want to send me. The deadline is: 11th November 2008! The best make up artist will receive the package!!! The good news is: I’ll ship in Europe!

If you’d like to take part in the contest or if you’ve any questions, please leave me a comment (I have to moderate them so be patient if you can’t see it immediately). I’ll send you my email address afterwards (I can see your email adress while moderating so I can contact you directly)! All in all, I’m looking forward to your response and your creations! Have fun!!!

P.S.: Have a great weekend, too! XOX

P.P.S.: Here’s an useful source of inspiration I’d like to recommend to the most welcome participators:


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