Bohemian like me

15 Sep

Hey guys! It’s a big catastrophe! The batteries of my cam died. They are absolutely empty and it takes some time to recharge them. Well, that’s the only disadvantage of thinking economical friendly. 😦 Anyways, I’m pretty angry about the indirekt/ subliminal racism in Germany. There are too many Hitlers outside. I’ve witnessed a sad incident in a shopping market. An old man verbally harassed a woman in a headscarf. Her German was excellent and her answers were rational and well elaborated. Besides, she tried to calm him. BUT he didn’t stop his barbaric behaviour. I don’t know why but some people don’t understand that not every muslim is a terrorist. Guess what! It’s a fact that not every goth is a satanist and not every punk a lazy school leaver. 🙂 Honestly, I detest prejudices and a narrowminded attitude towards individuals in general. I always appeal to one’s reason and open-mindedness. These features are the most significant criteria of a peaceful coexistence in society. But perhaps I’m just an idealist or dreamer who believes in peace. It might be that humans are more savage than animals… Wow, we’re highly sophisticated!!!*lol*
Here’s my today’s EOTD. It turned out to be a smokey eye look. But I’m not very proud of it. Everyone can do it better. Enjoy the product list and pics!

– Base:

  • Catrice Stay On!
  • Spirit of Colours s/s No. 2 (lilac)

– E/S:

  • Catrice e/s mono Golden Bronze (love it!)
  • Essence Bohemia LE e/s Good Old Times (love it!)
  • Catrice e/s quartett Green Fascination (*disc.* – only gold)

– Liner:

  • Essence Bohemia LE smokey eyes set (upperlash line)
  • Catrice Everlast kajal Oriental Brown (waterline)

– Mascara:

  • Catrice Allround Mascara wp (as always)


P.S. I tested the u.m.a e/s brushes! They have a good quality and do a fine blending job. I still can’t believe the unbeatable price of 3.99 €!!! The only disturbing thing is the weird smell of the brush shaft. The brushes themselves don’t stink (*phew*) but the shafts smell disgusting. I tried to mask the smell with perfumes but it doesn’t work. I’m considering to paint them with acrylic colours. I hope it helps…

2 Responses to “Bohemian like me”

  1. martitka10 September 17, 2008 at 8:37 am #

    Hi! Your make-ups are really pretty,You are very gifted:)! I’ve a question,where in Germany can I find catrice’s and u.m.a cosmetics?I have never seen it,but they are really interesting:)
    Now I’m in Germany so maybe I’ll buy sth 😀

  2. mylanqolia September 17, 2008 at 5:02 pm #

    Dear Martitka,
    thanks so much for your compliment! I’m very happy to read it. 🙂

    To answer your question, you find Catrice at Kaufland (retail store), Ihr Platz (drugstore), Müller (drugstore), Budni (drugstore) etc. See here:

    u.m.a. is available in: Real (retail market), Galeria Kaufhof (department store), Woolworth (drugstore) and Karstadt (department store).

    Of course, it’s up to the city where you are. I hope you have a wonderful time in Germany though the weather isn’t fine. But have fun with beauty shopping!!!
    Best wishes from Mylanqolia

    P.S.: It’s also possible to order u.m.a. online! Unforunately the website is in German:
    But if one’s command of German is good one can do it! 🙂

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