Lhiannan Shee

22 Aug

I love the song by the Mediaeval Baebes. It sounds intergalactic awesome and ethereal. So don’t you think that some beautiful fairies are singing? It’s just incredible! Wanna listen to it?

By the way, my today’s EOTD has an elfish aura. I don’t know how I produced it because I felt so bad this morning. I had a bad headache. It felt like my head would explode. Is it a symptom of migraine? Dunno… Where’s Dr.House if one needs him?!;-) On to the product list plus pictures!


  • Catrice Stay On!
  • RdL Young s/s frosty white


  • Manhattan e/s light rose
  • Catrice e/s summer peach (disc.)
  • P2 e/s 033 (disc.)
  • H&M e/s olive green


  • Manhattan khol black with a layer of a mint H&M e/s (upper lash line)
  • H&M olive green + mint and Catrice e/s summer peach (lower lash line)
  • Essence longlasting e/p c’est la vie (waterline)


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