Mini Thursday’s haul

15 Aug

Hi beauty folks! I hardly have the time to update lately so I’m very sorry if you feel bored. But I wanted to pop in for a quick hello and a super quick presentation of my latest haul. It’s just tiny but brilliant. I bought two u.m.a. shock color eyeshadows, namely a blue (named shocking blue) and a rose one (entitled shocking rose). I already have two e/s duo’s (shocking green and shocking pink) and I’m very happy with them. Firstly, the texture is soft and high-pigmented. Secondly, they are longlasting with a base (but I applied them without a base on the pics). Thirdly, I had no allergic reaction to them. Yay! All in all, they are excelllent. Unfortunately, u.m.a. doesn’t offer a wide range of colours. I wrote to them but I’m not so sure if they will respond. Anyways, here are some pics (excuse my dry skin):



*artificial light*


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