Emotional ghosts inspired

7 Aug

I painted again. I needed it so much… It’s my cure because I feel very depressed at the moment. Ok, I exaggerate… I’m just in a melancholic mood. Nothing serious, so don’t worry!:-) I’m perfectly sure that you won’t understand the content of the picture/ work of art but it’s an absolute certainty that you comprehend the composition of my today’s EOTD. Firstly, it was inspired by my painting (the colours!!!) and secondly, it covers a wide range of shades (oops, I exaggerate again!), namely golden peach, magenta (partly toned down with grey), green (also as a base), blue and white. But enough of that detailed description, let’s focus the product list:


  • Catrice Stay On! e/s base
  • RdL Young e/s pencil magic green (love it!)


  • P2 color your life e/s palette afternoon pleasure (golden peach, light green and emerald)
  • P2 color your life e/s palette golden sunset (magenta and light beige)
  • Catrice e/s Blue Lagoon (fab stuff!)
  • Catrice e/s matte Grey Stone


  • P2 cyl light green on the upper lash liner
  • Essence Poseidon’s Love LE smokey eye pencil blue (as a base on the lower lash line) plus Catrice Blue Lagoon, P2 cyl emerals, magenta and light beige as a top layer
  • Shingar kajal on the waterline (it resists my watery eye! Yay!)


  • Catrice Allround Mascara wp
  • Essence Dream Lashes

Say P! Say I! Say X!

Here they are:




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