Watery-eyed or Black gold

4 Aug

Guess what, peeps! I caught a cold over night and I feel pretty exhausted. My eyes are super duper watery and therefore it was a total mess to apply the fluidliner today. But don’t pay too much attention to it. Just concentrate on my scruffy hair, my bad skin and my silly smile!:-) I know why I avoid showing further EOTDs… They turn out to be an absolute disaster 🙂 Some words about the things used for the black, gold and plum colour combination:


  • Catrice Stay On! e/s Base
  • Essence High Shine e/s Cream Pssst! (discon.)


  • Essence All over shimmer palette Miami Heat (just the golden shade)
  • u.m.a. e/s Goldie 
  • Essence e/s Super Star


  • Catrice f/l black (upper line)
  • P2 Magic Wonderland LE Fly me to the moon Pretty Shooting Star  (lower lash line)
  • Shingar kajal (waterline)


  • Catrice Allround Masacara wp
  • Keyté (by Berlin Cosmetics) Extra Volume Mascara






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