Artistic stuff: Material girl I

1 Aug

Hey dear beauty folk! Surprise, surprise! I’m back again. Please blame my blogging withdrawal syndrome for my untimely return! Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that I will post regularly as usual. No way! Honestly, I will mainly present some fun eye looks the next days or weeks. I’m still in my so called mid-life crisis but frankly speaking, it’s the grave desease of my mum that makes me sad. She’s suffering from vascular dementia caused by diabetes (see here for more information: ). Believe me, life is hard if someone you love is seriously ill. Anyways, I try to find refuge in art and creativity in general.

So, I can offer you another fun look that’s absolutly girlish. It’s a pinkish grey smokey eye look with some accessories like the failed kissing lips, the peep toe stiletto and the bow. I used Catrice, Essence, Manhattan and P2 products to achieve that “splendid” result. I already play with the idea of revisiting it. Silly me! If you like this idea you can copy it. Please get in touch with me as soon as possible to show your versions. Send me links of your websites or links of your pics! I’m looking forward to hearing or reading from you. XOX



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