Surprising bargain

11 Jul

Honestly, I didn’t want to buy any cosmetic products this week. Sometimes I feel guilty only investing my less money in beauty. Therefore, I avoided to pilgrimage to my favourite drugstores and went to supermarkets instead. Wrong decision! In Plus-that’s a German based discount supermarket chain- I found low budget cosmetic products in cute packing (each 1.99 €). My little angel on my shoulder tried to convince me with plausible arguments (quality, texture etc.) to skip that issue and to concentrate on food again. But my little devil on my shoulder poisened my rationality with seductive promises. Having been aboulic, I grasped one item. After having left the supermarket, I already regretted my unreasonableness. Silly me!

Anyways, the eyeshadow stick (Spirits of Colours by Dobner Kosmetik GmbH, No.1, a pinkish brown colour) came under scrutiny at home and it passed the test phase in a wholly convincing way. It’s a wonderful highly pigmented and creamy texture that lasts with or without a base. Used as a base it supports the colour intensity especially of poor pigmented e/s (e.g. u.m.a. e/s peppermint patty). Yay! Besides, no sharpener is needed. It’s a twist pen! Fine! All in all, I love that hot stuff and I need more of those sticks or pens. Hope, Plus keeps supplies coming next week…

[on the left: e/s stick used without a base and used with a base, on the right: e/s stick used as as base for matt e/s and as a base for u.m.a. e/s peppermint patty]


2 Responses to “Surprising bargain”


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