Happy jubilee day! It’s my 100th blog entry!

10 Jul

Let’s celebrate this particular historical moment! Let’s pop the corks, let’s drink some expensive champagne with small pieces of gold leafs. In few words, let’s be decadent! Has anyone recognized my silly strategy of retarding my presentation of the EOTD pics, by the way? Hmmm, I’m kind of embarrassed that my today’s EOTD is improper on that special occasion. It’s a neutral look that you can achieve in warp speed. I used white, silver beige, light rose, plum and brown shades by different brands (e.g. Essence, u.m.a., RdL Young and Rimmel). The liner is a black glitter kajal but the colour turned out grey!!! Besides, the glitter flaked off in parts… Strange thing! Anyhow, here are the pics.


P.S.: I’d like to surprise you with some goodies because you as my interested and alert viewers deserve it this time. Guess what! I developed my make up technique over years to flatter my fucking eye shape. But I started in a miserable way. You know, all beginnings are difficult.;-)


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