It’s my preciouss!

29 Jun

Sméagols’ preciouss! Gollum, Gollum… *lol* Just kidding, guys, I’m just a bit goofy today. To get serious again, I’ll tell you a real exciting story of the last days or let’s say weeks. Well, I had some problems with my beloved Catrice Allround mascara (phase separation and I don’t know the reason for it) and complained about it in an email to cosnova. A very lovely staff member of cosnova attended to the case immediately and wanted to send me a new mascara as a replacement for it. But I waived the compensation because my intention was a general product inspection. So I haven’t expected too much because some companies doesn’t really care about the consumers’ requirements. After some days I recieved a mail that they haven’t found anything conspicuous but they wanted me to provide and send me compensation due to my negative experiences with my last mascara. It’s a small package with great products, including the immaculate tube of the Catrice Allround mascara. Wow, that’s super duper nice and polite of the cosnova company!!! Thanks so much!!! Besides, they offered me to return the mascara if another phase speration occurs. Brilliant! I’ve received the surprising package on Friday. Wanna see some pics? No problem. Furthermore, I’d like to show you my small Friday’s haul (this was before I knew of the surprising mail) and some swatches. Have fun!!!


[Essence Sun Club > see here: < matt bronzing powder (nothing for me but a nice present for a good friend), Essence Sun Club allover shimmer for eyes, face and body Miami Heat (excellent BB Shimmerbrick dupe and high pigmented), Essence Sun Club l/g Glamorous Gold (it’s ok but nothing spectacular) and the amazing Catrice Allround Mascara waterproof]

[Essence nailpolish Colour & go Shining Star, Catrice Pacific Lounge LE e/l Pacific Blue, Essence longlasting e/p Hot Chocolate and P2 color your life e/s palette Day Dream]


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