Fuck the perfection or Just 3 and a half hours sleep

19 Jun

Howdy peeps! Excuse my surprising sincerity but I have to clarify something important. I don’t care what people might say of this blog. It’s my reign with my rules of creativity. If some (wannabe) connoisseurs think that I create weird eye make ups they should better do so. I never claimed that I’m a beautiful perfectionist with professional know-how. Honestly, I don’t follow slavishly mainstream ideas/standards. So this is a small environment that offers alternative suggestions. Nothing else, guys. So, love it or leave it! It’s up to you. I don’t urge someone to visit my tiny cosmetical niche in the WWW. Anyways,  let’s go to the actual topic now, namely my today’s EOTD. Here’s the list of the products used:


  • Catrice Stay On! e/s base
  • RdL Young e/p icy pink (hot stuff)


  • Essence e/s reflections (disc.)
  • P2 color your life e/s palette golden sunset (whitely beige, golden brown and magenta)
  • Essence Metallic Affairs LE e/s boogie nights (I lurve it!)
  • Essence e/s best friends (disc.)


  • Manhattan Asian Secrets LE g/l black (on upper and waterline)
  • RdL Young e/p violet as base for the magenta and purple e/s

Forget the mascara! It’s the Chanel Inimitable. What a junk product! I haven’t found my beloved Catrice mascara this morning, therefore I used it. I regret it now but who cares… Damn! I have to retrieve my blue wonder mascara again otherwise I’ll go mad. Oh, sorry, I’m already mad, frankly speaking, I’m a profound lunatic at heart.*rofl*

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  1. It’s a déjà-vu! « Mylanqolia’s Make-up Massacre - August 21, 2008

    […] minute! I also have o show my today’s EOTD. It reminds me of an emu I did in June [see here: https://mylanqolia.wordpress.com/2008/06/19/fuck-the-perfection-or-just-3-and-a-half-hours-sleep/%5D. But this time I’ve added a pink shade and changed the shape of the liner (I found my liner […]

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