Complementary colours: Orange and blue *pic heavy*

8 May

Here’s my today’s EOTD. It’s composed of white, orange, teal, blue and golden shades (products used by Essence, RdL Young, Manhattan, Catrice, u.m.a. and H&M). Besides, I love my rocking eye liner and my handmade earrings though they aren’t a good match to the orange-blue-combo but hey, who cares! They are super duper summery! Anyways, have fun in the sun!!!


My earrings:


2 Responses to “Complementary colours: Orange and blue *pic heavy*”

  1. indianmakeupdiva June 1, 2008 at 11:51 pm #

    great blending as usual :). and really pretty earrings. reminds me of this necklace i saw today but didn’t get (supreme self control). i have so many already but i digress. love the colours on the earring.

  2. mylanqolia June 2, 2008 at 7:07 pm #

    Thx a lot!!! Oh, you’re an earring addict, too!? Is it maybe symptomatic that m/u lovers share a passion for earrings in general?;-) ! Honestly, I know that it’s hard to resist the seduction with reference to nice ear jewellery. I thought I were addicted to chocolate but I was wrong in the end.:-) Anyhow, it’s funny that the color combo of my ear jewellery I made last year is en vogue at the moment. Unfortunately, the trend hasn’t reached my tiny “shit pit ” hometown. What a coincidence!*rofl*

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