Spearmint dreams *pic heavy*

28 Apr

Today I wanted to do a green and mint combination to celebrate spring’s different facets. I also added teal, blue, nude brown and golden glitter to round off my today’s EOTD. Please don’t pay to much attention to the bothersome excess of e/s at the right side of the nose). Here’s a list of the products used (finally I had the time to do a list again!):

– E/S:

  • u.m.a. peppermint patty (I get used to it)
  • u.m.a. Shock Colors shocking green (it’s great!!!)
  • P2 075 (discont.)
  • P2 nude pleasure
  • Essence Reflections (discont.)
  • Essence Get Ready

– E/L:

  • Fairwind by Marabu duo e/s (dark green for the upper line)
  • u.m.a. Automatic Kajal nightshift layered with teal and mint
  • Shingar Kajal (on the waterline)

– Mascara:

  • Catrice Allround wp (have to dispose of it because it’s dried up)
  • Essence Dream Lashes (discont.) 



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