Artistic stuff: Writing II *pic heavy*

13 Apr

Before I talk about the project I’d like to introduce my great haul (super duper bargain!) to you. I bought those products as follows:


  • UMA goldie (great colour)

– E/l:

  • Essence kajal go wild
  • Essence kajal cool breeze

– Mascara:

  • Essence Magic Design

– L/g:

  • Essence rock chick
  • Maybelline Shine Elixier (Ginger) Amorous Coral (discontinued)


  • daylight

  • artificial light

But let’s deal with my project concerning the foreign languages script (see here: ). I decided on the Arabic script because it looks awesome. Honestly, I like the Arabic calligraphy. Unfortunately, I’m not as good as the talented calligraphers and therefore the writing turned out to be somehow awkward. Anyways, I used Catrice, Essence, Manhattan and UMA products to achieve that look. Please ask for further details! So, here are the results (they differ from the original sketch!):


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