Hi there!

8 Feb

This brand new blog mainly deals with my eye make-ups. I will post some pics of them daily (I try) and will name the brands I use for each look. I think that this area is especially interesting for the lasses.;) As far as I know, there are ladies out there in the WWW who are true mistresses of make-up, so I avoid to compete with them. I adore their techniques, instead.:) My numerous sources of inspiration (the top 7) are as follows:

> ditamakeup.canalblog.com now http://makeupbydita.canalblog.com

> nemux.over-blog.com

> youtube.com/Eily311 

> youtube.com/user/panacea81


> divinerae.blogspot.com


Just to name a few… The list could be much longer.
So, have fun and be inspired!


One Response to “Hi there!”


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    […] Another blog-b-day (strictly speaking it’s tomorrow but who cares), so let’s celebrate it in a silent way. By the way, it all begun with the following  blog entry: https://mylanqolia.wordpress.com/2008/02/08/hello-world/ […]

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